Street Puddle Reflections

Hello and welcome to my photography blog, I have created this blog to show my photography work and techniques used in my photoshoots.

This blog post is about my recent photoshoot of photographing light through the reflections of puddles.

For this photoshoot I waited until there was heavy rain so i had a good choice of puddles to photograph. Night is the best time for this so that the street light is clear in the reflection, I recommend doing this kind of thing at night/ dusk as in the daytime streetlights won't be on and if they are then they will not be very clear and the reflection of the sky might steel focus.

I have done this photoshoot as part of a photography investigation involving colour and I wanted to show that and express it through a theme of water. The bright colour of the street lamp contrasted to the dark background adds mystery to the photograph through the lack of people and the single source lighting.

I used my DSLR camera and set it to 'Shutter Priority' mode so I could experiment with this and see which speed was optimal for the light and focus. I experimented a range of speeds from 1/6 of a second to 1 second.

Technique used:

Shutter Speed: 0.8 Seconds

Aperture: Automatically set

ISO: 100

Bellow are the best photographs of the photoshoot

-- Charlie Sexton

#Photography #Puddles #Reflections #Investigation

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