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For this photoshoot, I have created an artificial window and have been photographing raindrops through this in places where windows wouldn't usually be.

For this first part of the photoshoot I created the portable window that I would be using. This 'window' is made of perspex and at a size of about an A3 piece of paper. Around the perspex I heavily tapped some black card to create a box shape. Photographing through the black card makes the foreground darker which creates the illusion that you are indoors. This is what the final product looked like:

To give the impression that it's raining, I poured some water onto my hand from a bottle and just splashed it onto the window, I would regularly do this and different formations of drops makes for some good and unique photographs.

Of course for the shoot I recommend having a helper to hold the box while you photograph through it and to hold it while you splash the water on.

I went to a park as a location and took photos in open spaces and forest areas. I also stopped off on a road and took some photos from the island in the middle to create looking through windows where windows never are and also it gives the image interest as a window and road wouldn't usually go together.

I used 'Aperture Priority' on my DSLR as the aperture needs to be very low so that it draws narrow focus onto the drops on the window and this created a fast shutter speed with is ideal if the camera is handheld. Also, I experimented with a blue filter on my camera to give the image a very cold feel and after the shoot, I cropped some of the photographs in Adobe Photoshop as they had some black card/ tape or even an arm around the edge of the frame.

One flaw in the concept is the photographers reflection in the window. To combat this, the best thing to do it take the photograph with dark colours behind you and not the sky as in the top two photographs below, there is some reflection visible through the sky. In the bottom two there isn't a reflection as behind me there were trees which didn't create a lot of light and therefore no reflection.

Technique used:

Shutter Speed: Automatically set

Aperture: f-4 (or lowest available)

ISO: 100-200

Most successful images of the photoshoot:

For all photographs from the shoot go to the 'Portable Window' page.

-- Charlie Sexton

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