Cromer Location Shoot

Good day,

On the weekend of the 12th November I went up to Cromer, Norfolk to do some location photography while on a walk from Cromer to Overstrand.

For this I wanted to capture texture and intricate patterns in what I could find, this included; walls, stones, lobster traps and generally everything I though would make a great photo that would convey texture and be interesting for a viewer to stare into.

I used my DSLR and has it set to aperture priority and generally kept it very low. My camera has a feature whereby you can add digital effects, I have used this before in my photoshoots, I used 'High Contrast Mono.' for this 'shoot as this high contrast of black and white accents the texture of the objects shadow and creates for some very intricate images that have a wide range of tone to them. This brings out the ruggedness/ smoothness of the focus.

Technique used:

Shutter Speed: Automatically set

Aperture: f-4.5 to f-8

ISO: 100-200

My favourites of the shoot are below, for all photographs go to the 'Cromer' page.

--Charlie Sexton

#Photography #Texture #Patterns #Locations #Water

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