Portable Window 3


This post is about my 3rd photoshoot with my portable window, for this time I went into Norwich city centre to photograph Christmas lights in trees/ buildings and a light tunnel that continuously changes colour.

This is different from my previous photoshoots as I used a macro lens so that I could use the lowest aperture possible on the DSLR so that the droplet would remain in focus while the background would be very out of focus and would also blend the colours together. This means that the view through the drop is greater than previous photoshoots as it is zoomed in almost as far as it can go so that we can ONLY see the background by looking through the drops and the drops appear larger.

These are just some of the locations I photographed on this 'shoot:

The light tunnel was where I took most of my photos as it changed colour and created moving patterns as well.

Technique Used:

Shutter Speed: Automatically Set

Aperture: f-2.8

ISO: 1000 - 1600

I used 'Aperture Priority' on my camera as this meant that I can select the lowest aperture possible.

Below are my favourites from the photoshoot and for all go to the 'Portable Window' page

--Charlie Sexton

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