Editing: Colour Vibrance


This post is about how I edit my images post-photoshoot and this edition is about accenting colour through Adobe Photoshop (CC 2015).

I will be editing my photos from my recent 'Portable Window' photoshoot. This is the photograph that i'll be editing:

Firstly, I opened the photograph that I would like to edit so it is on my work space. After the photograph is opened, I used 'Channel Mixer' adjustment. To reach this go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Channel Mixer: (You could use 'Colour Balance' for the same purpose but 'Channel Mixer' brings out these colours much more vibrantly)

Then I edited the colours; In this photograph I wanted to bring out the red so I pushed the red bar up to the point where is brings out the red but not excessively and slightly brought the green up to bring accent the purple a trace:

I then used 'Curves' (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves) to make the image a fraction bit darker as expressing to many colours makes it too bright. I dragged it down a tad to the point that I thought was the optimal brightness.

After this I breifly used the 'Burn Tool' Button to reduce the image burn around the white light so that the drops can be seen much clearer.

This is a great way to manipulate photographs to signify the colour and the before and after shows the improvement:

--Charlie Sexton

#Photoshop #Editing #Colour

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