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This post is about my recent portable window photoshoot in the city. What's different about this 'shoot is that it was based on the photographer 'Uta Barth' and I was trying to capture shadows/ silhouettes of people in the frame.

The aim of this was to take a blurry photograph with shadows of people, remnants of buildings and nature. The blur gives the effect of pulling away the blemishes of the world and seeing it as unspoiled without the grim detail. Uta Barth uses this technique in her photographs and my aim was to mimic this technique and add a water drop 'filter' to it by placing the portable window with water on it in front of the camera. The water drops make the image more interesting to stare into and create a vibrant photo underneath rather than just a background.

I set my camera to 'Aperture Priority' and used the lowest aperture that was available to keep the background blurred. I used my 18-55 mm lens and zoomed all the way out as to photograph a wider scene.

Composition-wise, I wanted to photograph very balanced and symmetrical images. In all my photographs have lines from roads, buildings, etc. that lead your eye directly into the centre of the frame where there is the most colour and focus.

After the photoshoot I edited the results on Adobe Photoshop and cropped any evidence of the edge of the box. Then I used the 'Hue Saturation' adjustment layer and made the colours very rich and clearly visible. Finally I used the 'Brush Tool' to darken the edges of the frame - the effect pf this is that it made the centre of the frame more vibrant with colour.

Technique used:

Shutter Speed: Automatically Set

Aperture: f-3.5

ISO: 100

Followed are my best from the photoshoot

For all visit the 'Portable Window' page

-- Charlie Sexton

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