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This will be my last blog post about my 'Portable Window' photoshoots, as this photography investigation comes to a close I have tried to use the same techniques but photograph through the window at night.

At first I just photographed light from lamp-posts on my street which worked well with experimenting with a night scene and different shutter speeds/ apertures. However what was a large problem was that since there was very minimal light, to let enough light into the camera, I had to have the shutter speed quite slow (1/10 seconds) which created some blur in a few photos which is why a location with more light would work much better. Below is the photograph that I think turned out the best from the 'shoot.

Technique used:

Shutter Speed: 1/10

Aperture: f-4

ISO: 100

Realising that more lights would create a more interesting and lively image I planned to take some more photographs at a 'Sainsbury's' car park just outside the supermarket. This meant that there would be more light and colours to work with coming from the supermarket, lamp-posts, cars and traffic from the adjacent road. This new 'shoot worked very well as this created some images that were full of life and much more interesting to stare into. Since there was more light available I used a faster shutter speed which reduced camera shake and blur. In this photoshoot I used 'Manual Exposure' mode so that I could manually adjust the aperture and the shutter speed to bring out the colour and focus on the drops but not so that the image would become to bright. What I also did different is the water pattern on the 'portable window'; in past photoshoots I sprinkled water on to mimic rain. This time I poured the water on a sprinkled some on after that. I did this to experiment with different patterns and shapes that the water would create. Following is the most successful shot of the photoshoot.


Technique used:

Shutter Speed: 1/25

Aperture: f-3.5

ISO: 100

Finally, after the previous photoshoot I saw that the technique I used there worked very well, the aim of this last one was to use the same method but a different location with more colour and life. I chose to go to a retail park in the evening and take some photographs there. The retail park worked very well with this project as the light coming from lamp-posts, cars and shop signs brought life to the image and all the colours blended and worked well with each other. After the photoshoot I cropped the photographs of which you could see the edges of the box. Best of the shoot:

For all of the best photos from these photoshoots click on the 'Portable Window' Page.

-- Charlie Sexton

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