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Since I will be starting a new exam project for my photography class I have chosen to photograph urban environments. This will primarily include photographing people and colour on streets and urban spaces. For this first photoshoot of this subject I have chosen to walk around Norwich city centre.

The photographer I am using as a base is Amani Willett. Willett uses the philosophy that every time you look into one of his photos you see something new therefore creates more interest in the viewer. This has led me to photograph people doing daily things and capturing their expressions/ actions and subjects that pull a lot of focus.

I walked around the Norwich market area where I photographed people also walking around and tending to stalls, I also walked around the city in general to photograph people and what they were doing such as eating in restaurants or shopping.

The technique I used was to have a quite a high/ mid aperture along with a fast shutter speed to that I could capture people and have a lot of the image in focus but not create motion blur. I used 'Manual Exposure' so that I could adjust both the aperture and shutter speed. I tried to keep these constant but in different lighting conditions I had to fluctuate between apertures as I wanted to keep the shutter speed the same.

Technique used:

Shutter Speed: 1/100

Aperture: f-5 to f-9

ISO: 800

Best photographs of the photoshoot:

For all photos go to 'Urban Environments' page

-- Charlie Sexton

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