Amsterdam (Urban Environments 2)

This blog post will be centred around my recent trip to Amsterdam with my college. This trip included many visits to various art galleries and walks around the city. My photographic aim of this was to apply what I had learnt in my street photography photoshoot I did in Norwich city centre.

So in this photoshoot I was still aiming to photograph people in their natural urban environment and capturing their faces/ movement. A good technique for this kind of photography is to have your camera continuously on and already set to the right Shutter Speed/ ISO/ Aperture and White Balance before you enter wherever you are going. It is crucial to follow this as any perfect shot could come at you at any minute and you don't want to miss it so continuously keep your camera on a ready to take photographs. Also, I used 'Manual Exposure' so that I could change the aperture to whatever shutter speed I wanted - I used a rather fast shutter speed along with a quite low aperture so that when capturing people I could photograph them and if they're moving then there wouldn't be any blur in the image. I used RAW format on my camera which I will be using for all my photography because using RAW format means that the camera takes a photograph in a higher quality and I can edit the actual photograph rather than adding adjustment layers which is what you do with JPEG format.​ Don't shoot on automatic EVER if you want to develop as photographer and learn about the technology!

Another good piece of advice for street photography is to always be looking at what is happening, you won't see any good shots if you're looking at your phone and lastly don't be afraid to photograph people, it might feel awkward but just think that you will never see these people again and you might get the odd stare but it is worth it if you can capture a good shot.

In my photographs that I have taken inspiration has come from Amani Willett (just like my previous photoshoot) as in her photographs she creates photographs that are very vibrant but there is one colour that over powers the image. This colour could come from anything like people/ clothes/ buildings/ adverts/ etc. I have tried incorporated this into my photographs when I take them so that they stand out. However this may not be enough to just 'take' the photograph and then leave it; I found it very important to edit my photographs post-photoshoot in 'Adobe Photoshop' and the RAW format meant that it was easy to manipulate the photograph to give the colours a higher contrast which emphasises it.

I photographed people in their natural environments (Much like my first urban photoshoot) but also did some of my own personal photography around the part of Amsterdam that is untouched by tourists and souvenir stands in the small area of Buiksloterham where there are masses of graffiti and even a hotel in an old crane - This was peaceful to wander around and take some colourful photographs. Aside form this, I also took some urban photographs in Amsterdam city centre where it was heavily populated and busy but this meant I could photograph a lot of people in the routine of their everyday lives.

I really can't pinpoint my exact technique to a number but I used a fast shutter speed which ranged from anywhere between 1/160 seconds to 1/4000 seconds and an aperture of anywhere between f-14 to f-4.5 depending on the lighting available but I used a consistent ISO of 800.

For all of the photographs from this go to the 'Amsterdam' Page

Below are my favourite photographs from the shoot:

-- Charlie Sexton

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